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Chicken Sausage Cabbage Rolls

Cut open

I was going through my Omnitrition Drops cookbook today, and it mentioned sausage…it sounded good.  I got some cabbage the other day and have been meaning to make cabbage rolls, so this sounded perfect.

First problem, no ground chicken:  Solved, I made my own.  I had three thawed chicken breasts (about 24 oz) and I put them into a food processor with hot smoked paprika, rosemary, parsley, and oregano and pulsed until it was ground.  When that was done, I took it out and pulsed the onion and garlic.  then I mixed them together.

Next I sliced up 16 oz of cabbage, tomato, celery, and onion.

I cooked 16 oz of the sausage up with the veggies until the chicken and veggies were all cooked and added one tablespoon of tomato paste.

I took the outer leaves off of the head of cabbage, and one by one boiled them.  Each was in there for no more than two minutes.  When the leaves got pliable they were removed and placed on paper towels to dry.

Next I weighed the sausage and veggie mix.  I divided that by 4, and then weighed out 4 servings.  I took one serving and wrapped it up in one leaf.  This made four full cabbage rolls.

Somehow, the sausage turned out a bit sweet, but a drizzle of Franks Original Red Hot was the perfect compliment!

Before cutting


Hamburger Salad



With the urging of my mom, and my three months of fairly unscuessessful attempt at Weight Watchers, I have decided to go on the Omnitrition version of the HCG diet.  This diet has me taking drops three times a day, and eating 4 oz of meat and veggies twice a day, with a snack or two of fruit or wasa crackers.  Today is my first day.  I made some incredible lemon chicken for lunch, with 4 oz of sauteed onions.  The meal size left me wanting, but water got me through until grocery shopping and dinner.

At the store tonight, I bought all the veggies I could find on the approved list, along with some hamburger meat.  I weighed out 4 oz of meat, and one oz of onion per patty.  I used 1 tablespoon of garlic powder and a teaspoon of oregano in the meat for six burgers.  I mixed it together and put it in a dry, non stick pan on low to medium low heat.  Next I sliced up some tomatoes, and washed some lettuce.  I also sliced up some cucumber.

I made my husband a cheeseburger on bread, and I wound up slicing up my hamburger patty and putting it over 1/2 a cup of lettuce, 1 oz of cucumbers, and 1 oz of tomatoes.  I topped the salad off with a sprinkling of mustard, and that was my dinner tonight.  Today is the first day I am eating this diet, and quite frankly, I am STARVING still.  My stomach is literally still speaking to me, after I am done eating.  I really want to say screw it, and just eat another burger on bread with lots of cheese and no veggies.  However, now that I have fruit in the house, I am thinking I may just wait a little while, and try for some fruit for dessert instead.