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Curry Yogurt Chicken with Naan Bread

chicken curry naan

I have missed blogging over the past year!  I have so many recipes that I want to blog about, but I just have not had the chance.

I got a job in June, Finally!  Then I lost it in August.  Then I was going to start school, and that fell through.  So, time to get back to blogging!

Yesterday I was shopping at Costco, and I found this package of Naan bread.  It looked light and fluffy, and made me crave Indian food.  So, After costco, I went to Winco and bought some curry powder in bulk.  I quickly looked up a yogurt chicken curry recipe and kind of got a list in my head of ingredients I would need at the store.  I got some yogurt and cilantro as well (coriander).  I wish I would have got some lime, but forgot about that.

So today, I thawed out some chicken, and got a marinade started.  I mixed the yogurt, curry powder, turmeric, cayenne powder, fresh ginger, paprika, garlic, cumin, and cilantro.

Mix all of the ingredients in a gallon zip lock bag, and separate half a cup for use later.  Next add 1 inch cubed slices of chicken to the bag.  Gently massage it all together for a few minutes, then let it marinade for several hours in the fridge.  I did it for about six hours.


Once your marinading is done, the cooking goes by very quickly.  Start a pot for rice.  I used pearl rice, which only takes about 15 minutes or so to cook.  First boil four cups of water, then turn it down to low and add 2 cups of rice and cover until all the water is gone.

While the rice was cooking, I pulled out my husband’s grill skewers, and started putting the chicken on.  I heated my large cast iron pizza tray over a large burner, and started cooking three skewers at a time with a total of 5.  I also made two skewers of green bell peppers to add some color.



kebabs 2

Next I toasted the naan bread for 30-40 seconds or so just to warm it up.  Turns out it is the perfect size to fit in my toaster!

naan in toaster

Then when all of the chicken, rice, bread, and bell peppers were cooked through, I assembled the plates. The first plate for my husband had naan with the extra yogurt curry sauce then chicken and peppers on top, with rice on the side.  I served this with a knife and fork.  Then I saw him picking up the naan, and thought eating it like a flat bread gyro was an awesome idea!  My plate had me put the rice on the bread as well, however this became problimatic to eat without a plate.  it was delicious, and I loved the fluffy rice mixed into the sandwich!  It just got very messy, as the naan is not very big, and everything came piling out.

I never thought I liked curry until my friend Niina introduced me to Panang pumpkin curry which I blogged about last December, but I do enjoy most Indian food I have tried, and I thought that I just wanted to try something new.  This recipe is also reminiscent of my Identity Crisis Chicken I blogged about several years ago, except that particular chicken did not have curry and was baked instead of grilled.  My husband RAVED about the recipe, and it is so simple.  It is filling without feeling heavy for sure!


Enjoy the recpie, and let me know if you make it and how you like it!


1.5 cups yogurt

3 tablespoons curry powder

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon ginger

1 teaspoon paprika

2 teaspoons cayenne pepper (more or less depending on how spicy you like it)

1-2 teaspoon cumin (not my favorite but works well with this)

2 cloves of garlic sliced up

1 gallon sized zip lock bag

1 small bunch of cilantro

Mix all ingredients in the gallon ziplock bag.  I find marinating in a bag is easy as you can suck out most of the air, and it coats meat well.  When you are done mixing all of the ingredients set aside half a cup of the yogurt mixture for use later.  Then slice up two or three large chicken breasts into one inch chunks and put them in the bag with the mixture.  Put this in a bowl sealed up with as little air as possible and let it sit for a few hours to marinade.  I think I let mine sit for about 6 hours.  Then I dug out all of the chicken and put in all on skewers, and made two skewers of bell peppers that all got cooked on a cast iron flat top.

Bread:  I used pre-made bread found at Costco, however, you can always make your own naan as well.  I thought I had a recipe for it in my blog but I cannot find it so if I do I will add the link.

I used pearl rice, as that is what I find most authentic to the white rice i got in Korea, and it is what I had on hand.  I think basmati or jasmine would work great with this recipe as well.

When all ingredients were done cooking, I assembled the plate as described above.


Packed and Ready to Blow!

Today I was going through Pinterest and trying t find some awesome weight watchers recipes.  I came across enchilada stuffed peppers and in a separate recipe oven roasted potatoes.  I asked my husband what he wanted, and he said he would prefer the enchiladas   I was not surprised as I know he loves Mexican food.  However, I was not going to try and figure out how to make enchilada sauce, nor did I really feel like fallowing the recipe.  So after a quick glance on Laloosh.com, and realizing that I can’t get ingredients like quinoa, I decided to make up my own recipe.

First, I cut the tops off of the peppers, and took out the stems, seeds, and ribs.  Then I boiled them for 2-3 minutes completely submerging them in the water.

Be very careful to pick these up with tongs when you pull them out of the water, and carefully dump the water back into the pot.  Don’t let boiling water splash all over the place.

Next I emptied the water out of that pot, and put in 1 cup of rice.  Then I put in three chicken breasts, 2 cups of grape tomatoes, 2 cups of onions, 1/2 a cup of pickled jalapenos 2  cloves of garlic, one package of taco seasoning, and one can of rinsed black beans.  I put in 2 cups of water, and I covered the pot and brought it to a boil.


Once it boiled, I turned the heat down to low.  I checked on it and stirred it a few times, which I know you are not supposed to do while cooking rice, but I did it anyway.

Once the rice was cooked, I took the lid off and shredded the chicken by using two forks.  I threw it back into the pot and added 2/3 of a cup of sour  cream. (1/2 of a cup would have been better).

Next I scooped it into the peppers, and put a 1.5 oz. of cheese on the first four.  (This recipe makes 8 but I don’t have 8 peppers right now)

Once they are all packeaged up with the lids and a little extra  cheese (still in that 1.5 oz), I put them into the oven on 375 for about 15 minutes.  This was mostly to get  everything hot again, and to melt and get the cheese all crusty and good.

And this is what came out of the oven:

I sprinkled a few dried cilantro leaves over the top.

Here is what it looks like cut in half!

They have so much flavor and taste amazing!  Best of all, each pepper is only 6 weight watchers points!  I have to admit I was a bit shocked with all the dairy, but not bad!

Holy Hash Browns Batman!

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?  I DO!  I cannot eat eggs so I don’t do anything like quiche, (much to my husband’s chagrin I am sure), but I do do waffles, and I do do hash browns. 🙂
In fact, when I was in maybe 4th grade, my mom had to work, and I stayed with a teenage babysitter.  She loved my hash browns so much, that while I was supposed to be doing my homework at night, She had her friends coming over to try my hash browns for dinner instead.  This babysitter was in my home, and she got in big trouble for having her friends over and eating all of our food, but I can’t blame my mom for that, or for getting mad that I was cooking for her, when I was supposed to be doing my homework.  No one was ever really sure why my hash browns were so good, but in a household that didn’t cook with salt, adding just a dash made a difference!
Fast forward 20 years or so, my hash-browns are still pretty amazing!  The ones I made last night were especially good if you like SPICE!
These hash browns are inspired by a bag of home fries that we bought for hash-browns when I was not cooking them on my own.
My recipe this time deviated from the norm a little bit, but for the most part it is the same.  I start by washing and peeling potatoes.  Then I used to slice them by hand, but I have this handy dandy mandolin that slices them so much faster than I can.  I actually have started cutting them like short little french fries, and about the same thickeness as a Mcdonalds fry.

Before I cook them though, I always cook some meat in the pan.  I usually take about 1/2 of a package of bacon, and use the kitchen sheers to cut it up into maybe on inch squares, and fry it.  I dump out most of the extra bacon grease, and use that try the potatoes in.  This time however, I had some pepperoni left over in my fridge that needed to be eaten, so I used that.

The meat I did take the casing off, and chop it up by hand.  I have tried it in the slicer but the hard sausage is not quite hard enough for that!  After it is fried up, I drain it on a paper towel.
Then I threw the potatoes in, and had to add maybe a tablespoon of oil, because the sausage did not render that much grease.

While the potatoes were cooking and starting to get brown, I diced up 2 onions and 2 peppers.

Then I chopped a handful of jalapenos and four hot chili peppers very fine.  The
Next, I thawed some garlic.  Maybe just over  a tablespoon.
Once the potatoes started getting brown, and were almost done, I threw all of the other veggies in together.
Once the onions started getting white, I added in the leaves of about 8 stems of dried cilantro.  I took the leaves off the stems, because they get kinda stringy when they are not fresh.
I stirred and mixed until the potatoes had some nice crusty spots, and the onions were done.
Once it is done, you have just about every food group but dairy in one meal, and about equal parts fresh veggies to potatoes, so even though it is full of carbs, I have just as many onions and peppers in here as I have potatoes.  The diary comes with the service however.  You finely grate some cheddar cheese and sprinkle it on top.

When we have it, sometimes we put salsa or sour cream on top too, but we did not have either one for this meal.
Holy Hash Browns
5 potatoes medium sized
2 medium sized onions
2 peppers (whatever color you have)
1/4 cup spicy peppers
1 tablespoon worth of garlic
  cilantro to taste.
  Salt and Pepper to taste
  Meat, I used half a sausage of pepperoni, but I usually use 1/2-1 package of bacon
  Grated cheddar cheese
Fry up your meat in a pan.  When it is done, remove and drain on a paper towel.  Wash, peel and slice potatoes in uniform shape and size.  Put them in the pan that had the meat in it, add more oil if necessary (drain some first in necessary).  There should be just enough oil to lightly coat the potatoes.  While the potatoes are cooking, keep an eye on them, and stir, scraping the bottom, but dice up onions, peppers, and spicy peppers.  Add 2-3 cloves of garlic, and once the potatoes start getting brown and crispy, and softer, add all the other veggies in.  When the onions start getting white, add the cilantro, and throw the meat back in to warm up.  If you are doing bacon, you might want to leave it off until you are ready to serve and just sprinkle it on top.  That way it retains it’s crunchiness.     Put on a plate and sprinkle with grated cheddar or your favorite cheese!

Tropical Paradise! Pineapple Salsa

A few weeks ago, my husband had a school camp he had to work at.  He  did the same lessons two weeks in a row for different kids.  The first week, both of our moms were in Korea, and they went and helped him out.  They made tacos on Friday of that week.  Some of the flavors were new to the students and they were worried that it might be a little spicy, and asked for some solutions on something to add with a little sweetness to it.  I suggested Pineapple Salsa.  I had never made it before, but I have had it at places like Baja Fresh in the USA, and LOVED it.  I know people make salsa with fruit, but it is not something I have really ever considered.  I have not made salsa since college…no real reason, just lazy I think.  So, here is what I came up with for Jeremy’s students to try on their tacos (with the help of Two Peas and Their Pod).

I use my food processor, which does not make the cut super pretty, but it makes the process fast and clean and in my tiny kitchen that is what I needed.
So I did not follow the directions exactly from the website I mentioned, I can’t get all of the exact ingredients.  But I do my best with what I have, and honestly, I think it turns out fine.  This is my second time making it since making it or the students, and it was a huge hit!  My husband came home with a clean bowl.
I processed 2 onions until they were all chopped, but not turned to mush.  They looked like this:
 I processed up 2 red bell peppers, and the pineapple to look about the same.
I threw them all in a bowl, and mixed.
From what I have read, Pineapple is the only fruit that can be canned in 100% juice, and not go bad.  I always try to buy this kind of canned pineapple when I can, as the stuff is even light syrup is very sweet and adds a lot of un-natural sugar.
This is the kind of pineapple I am able to find locally.
I processed each item individually, so the colors didn’t mix too much.  With the two cans of pineapple I also threw in about 1/2 a cup of pickled jalapenos.  They are the only kind of jalapenos I can find in Korea!  I also added maybe 3 cloves of garlic.  I process large amounts of garlic at once, and throw them in the freezer, so I am never sure exactly how much I use.  I used maybe a table spoon, and a half.  I took the leaves off of maybe 10 dried cilantro stems (coriander) and mixed the leaves in with everything else.
I also need to add a few table spoons of lime juice, however I forgot to buy it last night.  So my husband is going to pick some up after work, and add it.  I think you should let it marinade for at least 6 hours, for the best flavor.
I am afraid for recipes, I don’t really measure things as I could…but I will do my best to write out the exact recipes I did today (adding the lime juice):
Pineapple Salsa
3 small white onions
2 red peppers (when I have yellow, orange, or green I choose one of two different colors)
2 cans of pineapple (I can get rounds but if you want to get one can of chunks one can of crushed, you don’t even need to process it)
1/2 cup of jalapinos
Cilantro to taste
1/2 a cup of lime juice (more or less depending on what you like)
chop of the veggies either by hand or using a food processor.  If you process it, make sure to do each item seperatly so your onions do not turn red, and be careful to leave chunks, not pulverize the veggies to puree.
Add cilantro and lime juice to taste, and let sit for several hours.  If the flavor is a little lacking, add just a tiny bit of salt to bring the flavors out.

Cilantro Lemon Lime Chicken

I am still on a celebration of cilantro kick.  Today I marinated 4 chicken breasts in about a 1/4 cup of dried cilantro, with maybe 1/8 of a cup of lime juice, and maybe 1/3 of a cup of lemon juice. The amounts are a bit odd, because I used the lime juice I had left, and then had to fill the bag up with enough lemon juice to do the bag marinade method.  The recipes that inspired it all used lime (see the bottom for those links) but you could use all lemon or all lime.  I used a tablespoon of honey, and a big chunk of frozen garlic (maybe 4 cloves).  I put them all into a gallon ziplock, and sucked out as much air as possible.  The chicken was frozen when it went in, and I let it evenly marinade all day.
After it has been marinating 8 hours, I pulled out the grill pan.  I put it on top of the gas flame, and heated it up.  I spritzed the pan with oil, and lowered the flame, to maybe medium.
Once the pan was hot, I put the chicken on, and let it do it’s thing while I prepared the veggies.
I took a head of broccoli, and chopped it into flouretts, and put it into a bowl with a lid.  I poured enough olive oil to coat in the bowl, then put in some thyme (okay a lot of thyme cause I forgot my bottle was open and not a shaker lid), some garlic, powder, a coating of cayenne pepper, and a bit of lemon juice.  I put the lid on the bowl and shook to coat the broccoli pretty evenly.  Once the chicken was done and I took it off the pan, I threw the oiled broccoli on it.
It turned out more grilled than fried, with charred spots, and a nice coating of seasonings.  Once it was done, I plated up.
Husband loved the broccoli too, and he is not a huge fan of the stuff!
It is the first time I have cooked it like that, and it turned out almost as good as the chicken!
I did  make this recipe my own, but special thanks to myrecipes.com and the Artsy-Foodie for combining together to create dinner (and lunch)!

Almond Cilantro Chicken

I made ground beef stroganoff Yesterday, I hate to admit it, but needing two quick meals (lunch and dinner), we ate a lot of pasta…I figure that it being Organic pasta makes it all okay right???  First, for lunch yesterday, I made creamy almond cilantro pesto pasta (pictured above), and then for dinner .  On Sunday night, I made the Almond cilantro pesto sauce, then for lunch on Monday, I crisped up some Costco fried chicken strips to throw on top.  Wound up being such a high protein meal, I hardly touched half of it!

First let me start with the sauce.  I was very excited to get some Cilantro in my house this week!  I love the stuff and it is pretty difficult to find in Korea.  I made pineapple salsa with it a few days ago, and I decided to do a creamy pesto with it for one day this week.  Only instead of using cream, I thought I would try my hand again at almond cream.  I had tried it before, inspired by a recipe found here by macheesmo.com.  I looked up a few creamy cilantro pesto recipes, and the directions basically said cream, cilantro, garlic and pine nuts.  I skipped the pine nuts, as I was going to use almonds (and I didn’t have any pine nuts although I love them too!).  To start the almond cream, you have to soak almonds for a minimum of six hours.  Overnight works pretty well.  I have noticed that soaking tends to bring out the sweetness a bit of the nuts, but it also makes them very easy to peel.  So once the nuts are soaked, just squeeze the husk off to peel them.  I had two cups of nuts when that was done (remembering they are now swollen).  I put them in the food processor with two cups of water which seemed like too much at the time because the water started overflowing out of the machine.  I forgot there is a reason I usually do this in the blender, not the food processor!

Turns out actually looking some different recipes for nut creams online…there is supposed to be more nuts, less water…OOPS!  I still have a lot of nut pulp when I do this, as I don’t have a top of the line food processor with a powerful enough motor to really do what I want of it.  Once the cream was started (I was worried about how runny it was, I added in a loosely packed cup of cilantro, some garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, and some 1/4 cup olive oil and just let it mix together for a long time.  I pulsed the machine a few times to get some of the pulp off of the bottom.  Then my sauce was done.  I put it into a canister jar to serve the next day.  On the second day, I ran it through a blender to try and break up more of the pulp, and added maybe a 1/2 cup of sour cream, cause it needed a little bite to it.  It could have probably used more cilantro, but I already had the rest in the dehydrator.  I also threw in some artichoke hearts from Costco.

 I cooked this organic pasta from costco, and cooked my sauce to thicken it up a bit in the frying pan I cooked the chicken in, and then pored it over the top.  Turns out it will thicken quite a bit!  Holy Mole, it was so thick by lunch time, I could hardly stir it up to eat it!  The artichokes were a very nice touch, as they added the needed salt.  Even with the cilantro, the flavor was a bit bland in the sauce.  I have to admit, my favorite part was the chicken…

Well that is me and my food blog…I like to experiment, so not every recipe will turn out right and not every recipe will be good…
I will leave you to decide if you want to experiment also, or if you just want to read, and think that I am crazy!  I probably am, but what is life without a little crazy?! 

2 cups soaked and husked raw almonds
2 cups water
1/2 cup sour cream
100 grams of cilantro
1/4 cup olive oil
1/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
2 cups artichoke hearts marinated in oil (I used Kirkland brand)
4-8 slices of frozen fried chicken
1 bag of pasta
Milk (opitional)

blend the raw almonds and water in a blender or food processor until it is as liquefied as you can get it.  Add cilantro, sour cream, oil, and cheese one at a time until all blended very well.
Fry up pre-cooked frozen chicken to get it crispy in a pan.  Put sauce into the same pan when chicken is done.  cook until thickened.  Add some milk if you need to thin it out a little bit.
Boil water for pasta, and cook until al’ dente (or done if you are eating immediately).
Chop up artichokes and chicken into bite sized pieces.  Either mix in with the sauce or put over the top when done dishing it up.  Put pasta in a bowl, pour sauce on top, and if you choose, add the chicken and artichokes on top of that.

Note*I prefer the the artichokes in the sauce and the chicken on top…but that is just me.