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New kitchen experience :)

WARNING:  Today’s blog is not so much about  a recipe, but a new experience I had tonight, that I thought was a lot of fun!

At Christmas, my husband gave me a gift I have wanted for at least a year.  Since getting my kitchenaid stand mixer a year ago, I have always wanted the meat grinder.  When I was in Korea, I often bought ground pork to make sausage with, but always had to make patties, and half the time the meat was still frozen, so I didn’t know how fresh it really was.  Now that I am in America, I like several kinds of sausage, and still find it less expensive to make them than to buy them.  I buy my spices in bulk, and with the price of beef these days, I am incorporating a little more pork into our diet (sausage and bacon are really the only pork we eat, with the occasional ham).  So for Christmas, my amazing husband got me the meat grinder.  I have done up a bunch of sausage, but recently started buying a large pork shoulder/butt once a month, butchering it, and freezing it until I want some sausage.  I found the sausage horn on sale about a month ago, so we got the attachment, but didn’t really have any idea where to get sausage casings.  Well today I found them at a local butcher.  They are brat sized, and I paid $15 for them.  I followed the directions on the back to let them soak, and then rinse out the inside, and I ground up some pork.  I also thawed out some habanero cheddar sausage I made and froze last month.

To make this I ground 2 small preserved habaneros along with about a cup of cheddar and a few teaspoons of salt into the meat and mixed it together.  This is really of of my first savory sausages, as I usually do breakfast sausage with maple syrup and sage.  I was guessing on all the amounts, and then put it in the freezer for almost a month.  I made about 2 lbs of this.  Today I thawed it out, and then realizing it has had some time for the flavors to interact with eachother, I added about another 1-1.5 lbs of freshly ground pork to the mix to tone down the heat.

I had a lot of fun using my sausage horn today, and I was shocked that I didn’t even burst the casing.  I have heard that is difficult for the first time.


I twisted the done sausage links and was very excited!  I tried to make them slightly longer than brats, but I think they turned out pretty close.  1 sausage casing made 9 of them.


When they were all twisted up, I took a sharp knife and cut them up for my waiting husband.  He took them to the bbq to grill them up for dinner.


All done, they looked amazing!


They were golden brown in color, and were cooked perfectly.

My recipe was a little dry, as I don’t think I added enough salt, but I was just so excited with myself that I did not burst a casing while stuffing!  my 3-3.5 lbs of sausage made 11 sausages.  My first bite almost made me cry with all of the spice, but it paired well with the potato salad I had made, and that helped cool down the sausage.  I have decided from now on, I am not allowed to make anything with a pepper hotter than a jalapeno! lol