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Hello Groove Fans!

Hello Groove fans,

Thank you so much for coming to check out my website!  I am back in America now, in Nampa, Idaho.  My husband and I now have a puppy, and are enjoying the puppy parenting thing!  I am sorry I have not kept up on my blog since I have been home from Korea, but life has been a whirl wind trying to get settled.  I do have some pictures to post soon, and rememer, if you need any ideas and find one on my page involing quinoa, you can go to to buy it if you cannot locate it in Korea.  If you are a first time buyer to the website, use this code and get an automatic 10% off.




It is really nice because shipping is only $4 to Korea!  Please come back and check out my blog soon, I will try and get some new recipes up within the next few weeks!  Thank you,


Jessica, the Felkel Foodie