Kung Pao Beef


I LOVE Chinese food!  When I went to Taiwan in 2006 I had sweet and sour chicken, and the filled buns and we went to a hot pot  restaurant.  I ate wonderfully.  When I came to Korea, I knew since we are so close to China that the cuisine would have to be just as good if not better.  Now I had heard of American Chinese food, but I figured food in this part of the world could really not be that diferent.  Imagine my surprise, when I got to Korea, and found out that what they call Chinese food, is the bland back bean paste with ham in it over noodles or rice called jajangmyun or 자장면.  Look it up…you will see why I was underwhelmed.  They call this Chinese food, although most Koreans know it is really of Korean origin.  I do have one friend who LOVES jajangmyun in the states, but I find it very bland and flavorless.  So, I have made sweet and sour chicken a few times over here, and tonight I attempted my other all time favorite, Kung Pao…only this time, I tried it with beef, not chicken!  Because of the lack of “American Chinese Food” in Korea, I truly want my first meal back in the USA to be American Chinese!  I am so looking forward to that day,but until then, on with cooking!  🙂

Today I got Miracle noodles version of rice.  While I was shopping for supplies for stir fry, my husband and I decided that Kung Pao was sounded AMAZING!  I had beef in the cart, so we decided to try Kung Pao Beef.  I quickly pulled up a recipe online, and pulled up a recipe on my phone.  I found one at allrecipes.com.  Once I had the ingredients, we were set.  I used Korean red pepper paste, and I am not a huge fan of peanuts, so we used cashews.

I played with the recipe a little, as I didn’t have white wine nor white distilled vinegar.  I used Braggs Aminos instead of soy sauce as well.  I followed the marinade instructions using a little apple vinegar instead of the wine.  I let 500 grams of bulgogi cut beef (super thin slices) marinade while I chopped veggies, and made the sauce.  The veggies I used were red and yellow bell peppers, and one onion.  I also used a tablespoon of pulverized garlic.  I put the beef into the pan and used kitchen sheers to chop it up a bit.  when the meat was almost cooked, I put the veggies in.  After about 2 minutes, I added the sauce, and cooked until thick.

I drained two bags of the miracle noodle rice, and rinsed them under hot water for several minutes.  When the beef sauce was thick, I served the rice with the beef.  I was surprised that the rice actually had a good texture, even though the kernels were bigger than regular rice.  I got the white rice feel from them.  I ate one small plate, and got very full.

I will not be using miracle noodles brand all the time, although I may buy some for the rice, or some of their flavors.  I have found that Iherb.com has the best price I have seen for them comparing to the miracle noodles website, amazon.com, and a few other places online.  I paid $2.38/bag as opposed to $3.29/bag on miraclenoodle.com and 2.58 on amazon.com.  I was also able to buy them in smaller portions, rather than 6 bags, and fork out extra money than I wanted to for a sampler.  I got three varieties, and although I am impressed so far, for the next five weeks at least, I will be getting my noodles from my local E-mart.

In both American and Korea, using Iherb.com will give you great deals!  If you use this code, you can save at least 10% off your first order.  Also, I would make a nice little commission off of it as well!  My code is RKW560

Please feel free to use it and share it with your friends to try this awesome website.

If you are in Korea, shipping is a flat $4.00, and all of my items have arrived 7 days after I ordered them.


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