Handmade Tortellini

The first thing I made when I got my pasta roller was make ravioli.  Filled pastas are so delicious, and impossible to get around here!  If it is not a spaghetti noodle, you can’t get it in a restaurant in Korea.  It is crazy!  Well a few weeks ago, I went to my friend Krissi’s house where she made some delicious Alfredo sauce with bacon.  I thought I needed to do the same.   The biggest differences in mine were that I didn’t use cream, I used almond milk in the sauce.

first I made the filling for the pasta.  It was beyond simple .  I hand made some non fat ricota cheese, but this is just as easy with store bought.  For my ricotta recipe, see here.

I put about a cup of that (which is what I was able to make with about 1/2 gallon of milk and 1/4 cup of lemon juice), and a cup of marinated artichokes from Costco into my food processor.  Before I used them I strained off some of the oil, and rinsed some of the oil off with warm water. I blended them together just until mixed.

Next, I made a basic no egg pasta dough, just 2 cups of whole wheat flour, a teaspoon of salt (I usually use a sprinkle, not a full teaspoon), and just enough water slowly to bring the dough together and get it to kneed and turn into a nice ball.  I rolled this dough into very thin sheets, going to 5 or 6 on my pasta roller (6 is the thinnest I can go).  I have to break it into small sections because my kitchen is very small, but I used my measuring cup, and cut out circles from the pasta sheets.

Next, I scooped a tablespoon of artichoke cheese filling into the center.

And, I folded them up.  To do this, you either take an egg white, or quickly whip an egg with a fork, and dip a  brush or your finger into it.  You then put it around half of the circle of the pasta you are closing, and fold the sides together trying not to let any filling escape.    If filling escapes, you know to put less in your next one.  I tried the egg wash with just water, but the egg held better.

After it is folded in half you wrap the two ends around your finger and push them together until they look like this:

Alternativly, if you want to take two pieces of pasta and maybe have a little more filling,  after you scoop the filling in, you can do your wash around one side of one, and add another piece on top, and make a ravioli instead.

After you have as many as you are cooking, (I cooked about 12 per person before I got too hungry to make anymore if I wanted filling left!)  you put them into already boiling water.  Only cook a few at a time until they are cooked.  The pasta will change color slightly.  I find that with my homemade pastas, I have to cook them 3-5 minutes, not just until they float as some people say.  I have had problems with my longer noodles turning into tasty mush from that!

My sauce was a basic white sauce that I make.  First I cooked up a little bacon (inspired by my friend’s Alfredo , then used a little grease in the pan to saturate some flour.  Next I slowly add almond milk until it thickens up, and add some seasonings.  I use whatever I like usually rosemary, oregano, thyme, salt, and fresh ground pepper.

Once the pasta and sauce combine, it is a magical thing!  I add some crumbles of bacon and parmasan shreds over the top and I know I beat the Olive Garden for both flavor and health!

So Delicious!  


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