Quick Caprese Toast


I wanted a quick snack last night, while I was up late making my husband’s breakfast sandwiches.  I cut an English muffin in half, and spread about a tablespoon of homemade nonfat ricotta cheese over the top.  My cheese is really lacking in flavor and salt so I sprinkled a little salt over the top.  Next I chopped up some large grape tomatoes and placed them over the cheese.  Next I sprinkled the tomatoes and cheese with some dried basil threw it in the toaster oven for several minutes.  I kept it in until the tomatoes looked fairly well cooked through.  I wanted to get the cheese a little brown and crusty, but I was not patient enough, and had to eat!  It was similar to caprese salad, only using non fat ricotta instead of mozzarella.  It was a light snack at only three weight watchers plus points!  🙂  I did only eat half of the muffin, and served the other half to my husband prepared the same way.


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