Homemade Cheese Please!

Growing up, my mom always made lasagna with cottage cheese. The lumpy texture in y mouth while eating the lasagna was so good.  I have to admit, I love cottage cheese.  It is salty and delicious!  However, in Korea, it is hard to come by.  I guess not impossible anymore, but difficult if you are not in the right place at the right time.  So, I learned how to make a substitution   Instead of cottage cheese, I learned that I can easily make ricotta.  It is so simple, and can be just as thick and creamy with an awesome texture in lasagna.   I had borrowed a cook book from a chef around the corner, and it just so happened to have the recipe.  I don’t remember the title of the book, or I would give it credit here.  Anyway, let me tell you how I did it, and then I will post the recipe.

First you dump your milk into a soup pot.  Iusually use atleat 2%  and maybe a bit of cream, just to make my cheese really creamy, but this time I only used non fat milk.  This time, I used about 3/4 of a gallon of milk.

Next you heat it stiring often to prevent scorching.  You add 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice while heating to 185 degrees.  As you heat first it gets foamy,

Then as you turn off the heat, and give it ten minutes to rest, the protein continues to separate from the whey, and cheese starts to form.

Let it keep sitting and cooling if it is not separating very well.  If it does not start really separating, add a little more citrus juice. Once it really starts separating, you can pour the pan into a cheese cloth, or a straining bag, and let it strain it from 1-3 hours, until it is aa dry as you want it.  Leaving some whey in, is a good way to keep it a little creamy.

Once it is drained, you can use it.  I used a cup of it right out of the bag.

It is creamy cheese, and works well with filling for pastas, and is wonderful in lasagna!  This one is non fat, and this process works very well!

For weight watchers one cup of cheese is is 5 points

The actual recipe is:

Ricotta cheese

Here is the recipe. i actually just came across it in a book loaned to me by a chef friend. the hardest part might be getting the citric acid.
Here is the recipe:
1tsp/5mL citric acid
2fl oz/60mL water
1gal/3.84L whole milk
2tsp/10 g salt

Desolve the citric acid in the water.

Heat the milk, citric acid solution and salt to 185 F or 85 C stirring often to prevent scorching. Skim away the scum as it rises to the surface.

When the milk reaches 185 F remove from the heat and allow it to set for ten minutes.

Drain the curd for atleast 1 and up to 3 hours under refrigeration in a cheesecloth linned collendar or a muslin bag set over a towel.

The cheese is now ready to use. Alternatively, transfer to a storage container and hold covered under refrigeration for up to one week.


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