Egg McJessicas

Last week in my gusto to make a heathy protein filled grab and go breakfast for my husband, I made him some chocolate peanut butter banana muffins with chocolate protein powder.  However, on Weight Watchers, although it was a good healthy and filling breakfast, it was not very nice on the plus points scale.  Each individual muffin was 11 points.  I lost ten lbs in the last week and a half eating a 4 point breakfast smoothie every day, and getting more good stuff in my day than just chocolate peanut butter and bananas, so I decided to check out another solution for Jeremy.  I think I found his breakfast for a while.  Last night I made a set of breakfast for the week, that I can just freeze, and he can grab, zap in the microwave for 2 minutes from it’s frozen state, and enjoy.  In the USA Jeremy and I loved McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches.  They were quick, nice and salty, and we liked the taste.  However, we all know they are very fatty, and yes, have an heir of grossness to them.

This week, I started googling low carb, high protein breakfasts, and of course lots of eggs came up.  I can’t eat eggs, so the thought of cooking with them just does not really occur to me, but my husband enjoys them.  So, I started thinking about breakfast sandwiches.  I googled how to cook an egg for a breakfast sandwich, because I really had no idea to get that round perfect shape.  I came up with a genious idea on the Macheesmo blog about baking your eggs in muffin tins to get nice even round muffins.

Then I clicked on her re-visited version, and saw the scrambled with spinach version.  I asked Jeremy which he prefered, and he said the scrambled with spinach, and asked if I could throw in a little tobasco.  So, that is what I did when I baked the eggs in the muffin tins.

 I was surprised they puffed up as much as they did, but then they deflated a bit while cooling.

I don’t know if the brown, kinda crusty top means I cooked them too long, but I was watching them carefully and this is about the point they were no longer runny in the center.

Next I cooked up the bacon.  Instead of using my frying pan like I usually do, I decided to use my grill pan, since I needed it out in a little while anyway and I can cook more at once on the pan, and not so much in their own grease as I would in a frying pan (don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner!).  I cut the strips in half to cook them, so they could just come out of the pan and onto the sandwich.

Once the bacon was done, I got started on the English muffins.  The process for these were not what I expected, nor did I expect nearly how long they would take to make!  What I expected was an easy standard bread dough, that you maybe flip over half way through baking to get the grilled look on both sides…nope, you actually bake them stove top, like a pancake!

I found the recipe I used at with the substitution of whole wheat flour instead.

I was very shocked that you don’t make a basic dough, but rather a very thick and sticky better that eventually thickens up a little  bit.

After mixing, and pulling and folding a few times, I used the oven which I had previously warmed up, to let the dough rise, it doubled in maybe 45 minutes instead of an hour.

Then on a well floured board (I think I was supposed to use corn meal for this, but flour worked fine), I dumped out my dough, and floured the top.  then I gently rolled them out to about maybe 1/2 -2/3 inch, and cut them using my 1 cup measuring cup because it was the closest thing I had to the right size.  Next I let them raise for another half hour, and turned on the griddle pan to a medium flame.

Once the first side is golden brown, you flip it over and cook the other side  In my case, I only have a flame over the front half of the pan, so the back is a good place to put them to finish baking all the way through while you add some new ones to the front side.  This recipe made about 16 muffins.  They turned out really tasty!   They were light and fluffy, and have all the air holes I remember from traditional English muffins.

Since I don’t eat eggs like my husband, and I love these sandwiches too, I held a little homemade sausage, for a few patties so I could enjoy my sandwiches myself.

Oh, I forgot, because I know my husband does not have the time to heat up his breakfast in the morning, and our schedules are so off, I wanted to show you how I packaged them for the freezer.  First I wrapped each one in a small paper towel.  Next I put it into a Ziploc baggie, and pushed as much air out as I could.  I did read the reviews saying thawing in the microwave would cause grogginess, so I am hoping the paper towel will help catch it…we will see…

One egg muffin in 7 weight watchers plus points, and one sausage one is 5


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