“Sun” Dried Marinated Tomatoes

Okay, so I call my tomatoes “sun” dried because it just sounds better than dried tomatoes, but in all honesty  I use a food dehydrator to dry them.  I have enjoyed more dried tomatoes in my food dehydrator than probably any other fruit or veggie!

This recipe is beyond easy, and honestly, I don’t even remember where I found it (although I have change it from the original recipe)

I usually dry cherry tomatoes, because they are easy, you don’t have to peel them, and they are easy to throw into dishes.  That being said, when I went to Costco last weekend I bought a large container of grape tomatoes.  They are a little bigger than cherry, but probably would have been just fine halving and marinating and drying, although I quartered them this time.

Next I put 1/2 of a cup of balsamic vinegar into the jar, and filled it up with water.

Next I throw on 2 tablespoons of garlic and put the lid on.  Then I shake like crazy to mix the vinegar, water, and get the garlic into the mixture.

Then I refrigerate fro two days.  I take it out and shake it up about once a day when I remember to.

After refrigerating, I dump the jar into a colander  over the sink.

They go straight from there to the dehydrator racks. I  spread them out, and try to put the skins down so they don’t stick too badly.

And they come out looking like this!

You leave them in until they are still a little leathary, but not crunchy, and not juicy.  I love these!  They are flavorful, and delicious.  I usually throw them into pastas or bread dough.

The original recipe also had olive oil in the marinade, however, I choose to leave it out, both to keep the calories down, and to keep the oil from turning rancid.  I have kept it out.  And because they are not packed in oil, they are 0 points per serving, they are a great way to dress up an easy pasta.  I would say maybe 1/4 of a up would  be about a serving…but at zero points, have as many or  few as you want!  🙂


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