Chicken Salad and Paratha Bread

My entire life, I have avoided mayonnaise   Not just because eggs make me ill, but because I just have never liked the stuff.  Even when growing up, I would only put enough mayo on a sandwich just to make it wet enough to swallow and supplement with mustard.  The sad thing is because of this detest for mayonnaise  I have also avoided such goodness as mayo based salad.  When I was younger, I LOVED creamy yellow potato salad.  I could eat it as long as it didn’t have hard boiled eggs in it…until, I learned that the creamy goodness was mayonnaise.  Then all potato salad was off limits to me.  No macaroni salad, no chicken salad, nothing… until I came to Korea.  I wanted to make a potato salad, but 1, I didn’t have enough mayonnaise in the house, 2, the thought of using mayonnaise in a salad still really grossed me out!  So, I thought about it, and I had a jar full of homemade yogurt in the fridge.  Wheels started turning, and I started looking up recipes that said i could in fact use plane yogurt instead!  BINGO!!!!!  I made some incredible potato salad  using lots of dill, some yellow mustard, a pickle, potatoes and several other ingredients…anyway, this post is not about potato salad.

Last July, when our mothers came to visit us in Korea, I wanted to have a meal ready for them when they got off of the plane.  I know that 11 hour flights make me sick to my stomach…well that and/or airplane food.  When I got to Korea, I could hardly eat for two days because my stomach was in knots.  So anyway, back to my story…I knew they might be hungry, and I knew it was going to be a HOT day!  I wanted something light, and easy to transport and eat.  My husband had to take an insulated bag with him to keep it cold.  I thought back to a road trip Jeremy and I had taken to Wyoming a few years ago, and remembered stopping at my adopted grandparent’s house on the way.  Maria served us a delightful, cool, light, refreshing chicken salad, served over a leaf of lettuce on a plate.  It was good, although one of those times I had to try to keep from getting sick because of the egg.

Anyway, I decided to make chicken salad like my potato salad, with homemade yogurt instead of mayo.  It turned out beautifully.  I made some quick stove top flat bread, and wrapped them up in foil.  They were still cold when the moms got them, and were able to enjoy them or not at their leisure. It turned out so good that we actually had chicken salad at least one more time during their trip.

Tonight I decided to make it again.  I made some yogurt a few days ago, and it needed to be eaten or it would go bad soon.  This morning, I put three chicken breasts into the crock pot with just a little Herb Ox no sodium chicken bouillon, some thyme, and some oregano.  I let that cook on low for about 7 hours.  When I came home, I took the chicken out of the broth and shredded it.  I then put it in the fridge to make sure it was cold for the other ingredients.

I added a peeled thinly sliced apple, a cucumber, half of an onion, a tablespoon of capers, a tablespoon of copped almonds, a cup of grapes halved, a handful of dried cranberries, a good sprinkling of dill and black pepper, as well as a little oregano, thyme and rosemary.

Next I added in the 1 1/2 cups of homemade yogurt and the tablespoon of grainy Dijon mustard.

 Mix it all up, and put it back in the fridge.  This is a dish best served cold.

Next, I made some amazing flat bread.  This bread is from India, is already made with whole wheat, and is made on the stove top.  It is called Paratha, and it is amazing!  It is a very simple recipe that I found  She give a video with specific video instructions on how to make this.  I will do my  best here, but probably won’t do her justice.

First you put 1 cup of whole wheat  flour into a bowl with a pinch of salt.  I also added some garlic bread seasoning.

You slowly add water, mixing as you go.  Get the dough just wet enough to fully incorporated the flour, don’t make it sticky, and let it rest for 10 minutes covered in a damp cloth.

Next, because the dough makes five pieces of flat bread, I weighed the dough, and divided by five.  I broke off five balls to the correct weight, and rolled them out into three inch circles one by one.  Once you have rolled them out, you drizzle a little oil on top.  I used my Papered Chef oil spritzer to spray on a slight mist of oil instead.

Next you fold them in half and oil again.

Once it is oiled, fold it one more time.

While you are rolling these out, have a dry skillet warming up on medium high heat.

roll the quarted dough out into what you should try to make a circle.  Mine just turned out to be big triangles.

Throw them on the skillet one at a time.  When the color changes and the bread starts to bubble, use tongs and flip the bread to the other side.  The first side should only take 30 seconds to a minute, and the second side no more than thirty seconds.  Push down the bubbles to make sure the second side has contact with the pan as it cooks.  Spray or sprinkle a little more oil over the top side, and cook it on both sides for just a few more seconds.

When it looks like this it is done.

It is soooooo good, and sooooooo simple!

Roll out the next dough ball the same way and keep going.

Then, you put 2/3 of a scoop of nice cold chicken salad into each piece of nice warm bread, and serve.

The chicken salad makes six servings, and is only 4 points per serving, and the bread makes 5 servings with this recipe, and  is three points per piece.  So each sandwich is 7 weight watchers plus points.  I was able to eat two of them, and get VERY full!


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