Comfy Cozy Biscuits and Gravy

Last week went went to the foreign market, the same place I picked up the bratwurst from my previous post.  I was looking forward to using the italian sausage that I got there as well.  Since coming to Korea, I mostly just make my own, however I can’t get all of the ingredients that I would really want to use.  So, when I had some sausage in hand, I wanted to make something delectable with them!  They were raw meat, so I was able to easily slide the meat out of the casings.  next I threw the loose meat into a frying pan with some garlic, and once the sausage was nice and brown, I removed it from the heat and drained it on some paper towels while I re-used the frying pan.

While the sausage was cooking, I began mixing up the ingredients for the biscuits.  I found this recipe at 100 days of real food .com

this was a recipe I figured I would try, because the picture looked nice and fluffy, even though the flour was all whole wheat.

I mixed the wet and dry ingredients together using Bob’s Red Mill flour, salted butter (leaving the salt out of the recipe), and using almond milk instead of regular milk in the recipe.  Being careful not to over work the dough and keep it cold, I grated frozen butter into the batter, and I carefully and quickly rolled out the dough.  Honestly, I read the directions wrong, and rolled the dough out a bit too thin (I read 1/4 of an inch, and the directions really say 3/4 of an inch).  So, I wound up with twice as many fairly flat biscuits.  For as little dough as there was though, they still fluffed up, and actually had a really good texture.  I will be making these biscuits again, only making them thicker.  OOPS!

Next I made the gravy.  this was another recipe I got online, as I had a rather large container of sour cream that had expired the day before and needed to be used .  So I found a delicious sour cream gravy to use with my biscuits.  I found it on  I followed the directions pretty easily, and the only change I made was that my gravy remained really thick, even after heating it up.  The sour cream I had used would not thin out much, so I added about a cup of almond milk to the mix, just to make it more of a gravy liquid than a solid.

I added the sausage back in, made sure it was all heated through, and microwaved the green beans.  For servings, I gave us each 3-4 biscuits, as they were very thin, although normally I would have only done 1-2.   The gravy was absolutely delicious and the flavors in this meal were amazing.  I cannot wait to try these biscuits again…and hopefully with a little more “fluff” next time!


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