Those little Brats!

This weekend Jeremy and I walked all over Timbuktu!  Okay, it was really from one side of Itaewon to the other, and then a little further, but it may as well have been to Timbuktu with the weight of the shopping that we did!  We started at one market because Jeremy wanted some beer brewed in Oregon, and we had heard that there was a store in Itaewon that had it.  So, we jumped on a train, then in a cab to get there.  So we started at this higher end store, that had the beer, but we found things we don’t normally find in Itaewon that I wanted also…like bratwurst and Italian sausage.  I got one package of each (for about $10.00 each), and we got some spinach artichoke dip, and some (stale) Turkish bread.  We also found ginger ail and mug root beer, so we were happy campers!  We got all our stuff, and packed it up in a backpack.  We next went to a restaurant, then the foreign market we usually go to for 20 lbs of Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat flour.  I wound up lugging that around the rest of the day!  We walked down the street, and enjoyed taking the time to enjoy Itaewon unlike usual when we just go for flour, or whatever from the foreign market and that is all.

When we got home the meat was still very cold, but it had thawed out.  So, I knew I was going to need to cook at least one of them in the next day or two. One of the big problems in Korea is that it can be difficult to find hot dog buns however, so I had to make them of course.  I made the hoagie rolls that I made last week.  This time, I threw in some extras to make them extra savory.

If you can see, I threw just about everything but the kitchen sink.  I chopped up sun dried tomatoes in the food processor with a little oil, then I oven roasted three small red bell peppers.  I let both of those drain for several hours, and chopped the peppers up really fine.  Then I sprinkled in garlic bread seasoning, rosemary, thyme, freshly grated parmesan cheese, a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper, some regular black pepper and maybe some parsley into the dough, and let it rise.  The bread turned out incredible!

I had been debating for two days how to cook these bratwursts, and I finally took someone’s advice, and decided to cook them in a frying pan for a few minutes in liquid, then broil them.

First I added about 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, and 1/2 a cup of orange juice together in a pan, and I had one thinly sliced apple and onion that I added to it, as well as some garlic.  Next I added the sausage and put the lid over the top at medium heat.

I just let it steam a bit, until I looked in and saw the skin on the sausages coming off.

Then they were hard, and I transferred them to a pan to go into the oven to broil them.

 I let the pan continue to simmer down on lower heat.

I pulled the brats out when they were done and looked pretty good on two sides (I did flip them half way through)

Next I sliced a bun like a hot dog bun, not all the way through, put in some yellow mustard (I would have preferred something grainy and better, but yellow was all we had).  Then I put the sausage in and piled on the apple and onion mixture.  Combine with the bread it all tasted amazing!





7 thoughts on “Those little Brats!

    • well they are getting a little more “Westerner” friendly, maybe they have them now. It has been a while since I actually looked. I hate going into that store and avoid it when I can. I still would rather have homemade bread anyway, especially whole wheat, than the white bread they would be selling buns in I am sure…

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