Its Greek to Me!



Today I made my version of Greek food.  It is very simple, and usually has tons of flavor.  First this morning I started by putting some chicken into a crock pot on low before work.  I put in 4 chicken breasts, 2 cups of chicken broth, some garlic (maybe two small cloves), and a generous sprinkling of thyme (I wanted oregano, but we didn’t have any).  I came home to my house smelling wonderful!

Next I made some Tatziki sauce.

I love this sauce, and it is so simple to make!  Usually you use Greek yogurt, but I did not have any, so today I used sour cream.  First you cut up one cucumber and take the seeds out.  You can do this with a spoon or a corer.  Normally I either grate it, or I slice it very finely, however I recently got a papered chef cheese grater that grates very fine.  I decided to use this so I got very fine strings of cucumber. I then put the grated cucumber into a tea towel and rang it out very tight.  Often you just add some salt and let the cucumbers drain, but I wanted dinner sooner than later, and this was really quick.  I then chopped up the cucumber very finely to break up the strings a little bit and added it to about a cup of sour cream.  Then I added a good sprinkling of garlic powder (minced garlic is great too), and maybe 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of dill.

After making the tatziki, I started the pita recipe I found on  I used whole wheat instead of white, and used one tablespoon of yeast instead of 2 1/4 teaspoons.  I let it raise  to double, then formed 10 balls.  Next I let it raise for 10 more minutes then started rolling and baking them.

They looked like hamburger buns before I rolled them out.

Here they are baking.  However, I had a problem that most of my pita pockets did not puff this time.  I have used different recipes where they puff beautifully, but this time I just could not get them to puff.  They actually came out rather hard.

I think part of the reason was you are supposed to have the the oven at 500 degrees F for this recipe and my oven only goes to 400.

While I was waiting for my bread dough to rise, I was busy making greek salad.  This salad consists of 2 seeded cucumbers, a cup of cherry tomatoes that are quartered, a sprinkle of salt, and 1/4 cup feta cheese.  It is super simple and super good!

This is better with crumbled feta that has not been stored in oil, but that is all I can get, so I crumbled up the cubes from the jar and drained some of the oil off before adding it to the salad.

Next I found some Fantastic Hummus in my cupboard, so  I made it real quick by adding some warm water and oil and mixing it up.

I had planned on making Gyros, but because my pita came out rather hard, it turned more into a sampler plate with bread for scooping.  Dinner was very filling and very good however,

Considering I don’t have an oven big enough to really cook a whole chicken, nor do I have room in my freezer to freeze broth, I usually don’t have any actual chicken stock in my house.  I depend on bouillon that comes in jars that my mom sends me from home (no sodium).  However, tonight I was excited that I was able to drain the broth from the crock pot into a strainer, and then I took what was in the strainer and ran it through the tea towel I had used earlier.  I wound up with my two cups of liquid having turned into nice thyme garlic flavored chicken stock for the next time I need it!  I can store two cups in my freezer very nicely!  yay!


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