Cheese Steaks…not sure sure they are from Philly though

The other day I made whole wheat hoagie rolls for the specific purpose of making Philly Cheese Steaks.  These are some of my favorite sandwiches to have fo dinner, sometimes I use what is left in the pan and make french dip, sometimes gravy, but not tonight.  The beef is some of the best I have ever cooked, and the sandwiches turned out amazing!

First I slice the beef as thin as I can

and I tenderized it.

Now I love to make these, but I can’t really get super thin cuts of beef all the time.  sometimes I do and it great, but most times, I have to cut the beef up and throw it in the frying pan.  Today I used about 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce, and about 1/4 cup of balsamic in with the beef, as well as a chunk of garlic, and maybe 1/8 cup of minced pickled jalapenos.

Next I slice up three rainbow colored bell peppers, and sliced 1 medium/large onion.

After I let the meat cook in the liquid a while, on low with the lid on the pan, I take the meat off of the heat and use the pan to saute the peppers and onions in just a little olive oil.

When those start to get soft, I remove them from the heat as well.

I cut the hoagie rolls like hot dog buns and put a little butter on them.  Then I threw them in the broiler to get nice and toasted up, while I put the serving of one sandwiche’s worth of meat and veggies back into the pan with a little of the meat juices.

I warmed them back up, then put them into a pile and covered them with provolone cheese.

I put a lid on the pan, and just let it melt.

Then the buns are done in the oven, and I carefully scoop the meat and veggies over the top of the bottom of the bun.  It is usually rather messy with all the melted cheese, but I try and sound like I do a nice clean transfer! Then I close the sandwich.

Tonight our side was green beans…but potato chips or french fries would be a wonderful addition.  Potato salad might be good too, or even a nice green salad.


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