Beanie Burgers


So for this recipe I wanted to try something new.  I have wanted to try a veggie burger for a long time, but I finally mustered up the courage to try this week (We are burger people all the way).

I found a recipe for one that looked pretty good, with some good reviews at  I went to the store to buy two cans of black beans, and I could not  find two cans.  So, I bought one can of black, and one can of “Chili Beans”.  The chili beans are pinto beans that are soaked in Mexican seasonings.

First I ground up two slices of bread in the food processor and set the bread crumbs aside.

Next I put both cans of beans in the food processor, along with garlic, a little oil, the egg and egg white.  I didn’t do most of the seasonings mentioned in the recipe, because the chili beans were already well seasoned, even though I rinsed them off before grinding them up.

While I was assembling this, I was also roasting some red peppers.  I four in half, and took all the seeds out.  Then I put them skin side up in a pan close to the broiler.  I cooked them until they were charred, and then pulled them out and let them cool down.

Once the peppers cooled enough to touch, having the charred skin allowed the skin to loosen up, and I was able to just peel the skin off.  You can’t really tell but the few on the right are already peeled.

The beans were really really runny,even after adding the bread crumbs, so I wound up adding two more pieces of ground up bread to it.  Then I was able to actually form balls with my hands, and put them into a pan with hot oil.  Then I squished them into patties using a spatula.

One the frying was about done, I added slices of cheese to each piece and let it melt.

Then I assembled sandwiches (I didn’t have time to bake burger buns, so we just used store bought bread).

I assembled them by first mixing some Ketchup and Tabasco sauce to make a spicy Ketchup as mentioned in the original recipe.  Then I put it on the bottom bread.  I put the burger over the top, and put the roasted red pepper, spinach, and dill pickles over the top.  I put some mustard on the top bread, and put the burger together.

I also baked some frozen steak fries to serve with the burger.

For my first attempt at a veggie burger, it was actually pretty good.  I learned more about how much bread I really need.  I will make them again, but being that we are burger people, probably not incredibly often.



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